Learning for 2018 and the future!

epg and nijenrode

At ici2learn we are (of course) passionate about Learning.  We offer consultant services to clients to advise and guide on the best / most appropriate way to develop employees in their organisations.  Sometimes we carry out and implement strategic L&D projects, other times we develop and deliver key leadership and team training programs and additionally we offer coaching and facilitation services.  Our focus is to answer these questions “What do our clients, strategically need their people to learn?” and “How should the people learn what is needed?”

Each year we also ask ourselves the same question for our ici2learn business…. we obviously need to walk our talk!

Here is a small summary of where we will invest our time (and money) to learn and develop ourselves this year.

For Elsa, January 2018 will mark a new beginning, but also with some continuity of her  personal and professional development.   She will be starting a 5-6 years training to become a Gestalt psychotherapist!  We are certain that the knowledge and skills she will learn along this journey will be invaluable to the training, coaching and facilitation services that she offers to our clients.  If you’d like to know more about this training, here is a link

Nick has been working on L&D projects for the last 10 years which has involved a vast amount of “learning by doing,” previously he was an Engineering Manager with a passion for developing his team.  In 2018 he will take a learning path to reinforce his strategic L&D knowledge by attending a series of International Masterclasses on Learning & Development Leadership at Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands.   Here is a link to the program.

We are both extremely excited and energized by the Learning choices we have made and look forward to sharing our new found knowledge and skills with our clients in 2018 and the future!

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