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In our hyper-connected, VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, the art of Leadership has never been so important.

While the changes in the world accelerate around them, Leaders are challenged more than ever to deliver.  Deliver on an ever growing list of seemingly competing demands, quarterly results and innovation, production output and sustainability, globalization and customization, shareholder expectations and employee engagement & well being, company purpose and individuality.

Is it too much?  Often, yes.  You can see this in countless articles of struggling businesses and on the declining figures of any latest employee engagement survey.

Is it always too much?  Sometimes, no!  There is also plenty of research data that proves Leaders are adapting, connecting and building resilience to lead their people through this VUCA world.

At ici2learn we help Leaders to flourish in these times.  We help leaders to view the world systemically, be open and curious, experimental and decisive, strategic and agile, deeply self aware and connected to others.

We meet Leaders where they are, bring the latest knowledge of leadership research theory and our ever growing experience of working with highly effective teams.  Then we design, develop and implement each Leadership intervention to the specific needs and cultures of our clients.

Some clients ask us to help Individual Leaders for whom we offer either Individual Coaching or collaborate with them as a Leadership Sparring Partner.

Other clients ask us to help more broadly on their Leadership culture, while other have specific Leadership skills that need development.  We engage with our clients to ensure that we understand the context and impact that they are seeking.  Then we develop customized Leadership development programs and / or learning interventions to meet their needs.

We have worked on programs and learning interventions that cover all levels of an organisation, from board members to functional / department directors, from factory production line leaders to project managers.  We have worked across many business sectors, from fast moving consumer goods to automotive suppliers from electronics to government agencies.

For more details please look at Individual Coaching, Leadership Development Programs, Leadership Skills Training, and Leadership Sparring Partner.

If you would like to know more, please contact us : elsa.regan@ici2learn.com or nick.regan@ici2learn.com