Leadership Development Programs

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The world has never been so complex, so fast and so inter-connected.  These are challenging times for leaders at all levels of an organisation with stakeholder expectations constantly increasing in an ever more volatile and uncertain environment.

When approaching this world, it has never been more important for Leaders to have a deep understanding of self, their values, behaviors and mindset.  Equally they need to be able to truly & authentically connect with others to motivate and inspire.  They need to be open to failure and curious about what will emerge and what they will learn.  They need to view their organization systemically and understand the inter-dependencies across their system.  They need to set strategic direction, but understand that they will not have all the answers when making decisions.  So they need to be experimental and agile and absolutely ready to periodically reset their course.

To help leaders flourish at our client organizations, we engage deeply with the client to fully understand their context and needs.  With this understanding we can meet the clients ‘where they are’ and use the latest Leadership research on the above relevant themes, to guide them where they want to go.

We create tailor made Leadership Development programs with close co-operation with our clients.  We stay connected with the client throughout the design and delivery process to ensure the maximum impact of the program.

For example we were delighted to work with one of our major clients in the food & nutrition industry to co-design, develop and implement their ‘Leadership For All’ Program.  This project included, aligning the program learning goals with the corporate leadership behaviors model, designing learning activities, creating training material and trainer handbooks, leading global pilot program training sessions (Europe / Asia / North America,) implementing training material improvements, delivering train the trainer classes to internal trainers and supporting the global program roll out.

Other programs have been specifically designed from Boards & Senior Management teams to First Time Managers & Production Line Leaders.

If you would like to know more, please contact us : elsa.regan@ici2learn.com or nick.regan@ici2learn.com