Leadership Skills Training

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At ici2learn we don’t have ‘off the shelf’ training courses on a long list of Leadership skills.  The market place for ‘off the shelf’ Leadership skills training is fully loaded and we have no interest to compete there.

We are however deeply interested in Leadership as a theme and our Leadership Development and Team Development programs are full of relevant training content that we can adapt to the needs of other clients.  But our aim is not just to ‘plug and play’ this content.  We deliver value by connecting with each client,  understanding their context and their Leadership needs, then working on the Leadership themes that emerge during the discussions.   

We use our expertise in Learning, Coaching and Facilitation to design and deliver customized training sessions focused on each client particular Leadership needs.

Here are some examples of training sessions that we have recently delivered for our clients:  Coaching Skills for Managers & Leaders, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Meetings, Conflict Management, Motivation, Active Learning etc.

We also design and deliver train the trainer sessions for clients who prefer to use internal trains to deliver the content that we have developed.

If you would like to know more, please contact us : elsa.regan@ici2learn.com or nick.regan@ici2learn.com