Leadership Sparring Partner

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It is widely accepted that Leadership can be a lonely place.  Inside organizations it can be difficult for leaders to find colleagues or team members with whom they can deeply connect and discuss.  Colleagues and team members are often too busy to be really present for a discussion and if they are available they bring a particular bias or motivation into the discussion.

At ici2learn we coach many leaders and teams and guide them to connect.  But a coaching posture if one of offering a mirror and allowing leaders and teams to see and decide what emerges and what to do with it.

We also offer a service that we call Leadership Sparring Partner.  This is a service for Leaders who aren’t looking for a series of coaching sessions but are looking for an intensive and unbiased discussion.  When sparring with leaders, we sometimes use our coaching style, but the intention is that we also offer our ideas and opinions related to whatever subject arises in the discussion.  The idea is that we spar to challenge and collaborate with the leader, to improve a piece of work or create something that would not have been created by the leader alone.

Here are some examples of the type of Leadership sparring sessions we have held:  Preparing Board meeting agendas / Stakeholder Engagement issues / Team member motivation / Strategic Learning project scoping etc.

If you would like to know more, please contact us : elsa.regan@ici2learn.com or nick.regan@ici2learn.com