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Most people can remember being part of a ‘dream team’.  They have in their minds an image that visualizes the different characters in the team and their emotions of being part of a ‘success’ they achieved together.  They worked together and (often) played together, they pulled together and learned together, and together they produced something magic, something that they couldn’t have achieved by working separately.

So why is it that more often than not, people find themselves working in mediocre or even poor / dysfunctional teams?  In fact research shows that over 75% of senior leadership teams fit in the mediocre / poor category of team effectiveness.

There isn’t a simple answer to understanding this question about under performing teams.  In fact, as every individual person is complex, with his / her own vision, motivations, strengths, development needs and behavioral preferences, then every team becomes a complex system built up of the relationships / dynamics / processes inside the team and the expectations & relationships with the external stakeholders.

At ici2learn we thrive when working on the complexity of teams.

We are passionate about deeply understanding the context of each team that we work with.  We enable teams to understand what is holding them back and challenge them to dive into their team inter-dependencies, engage with their external stakeholders and unlock their potential to produce something magic together.

Depending on the needs of the team, we can design and deliver one off customized team development workshops, alternatively we can build a series of team interventions that we package as a team development journey.  We work with teams at all levels of organizations for our clients around the world and due to our professional background, we can strongly empathize with many of the objectives and subsequent issues that teams experience.

Elsa has a strong academic & scientific background combined with corporate R&D experience.  She can therefore offer facilitation of scientific strategic workshops within Life Science-oriented organizations (pharma, food, cosmetics industry, research institutes and academia.)

Nick has years of experience managing global Engineering and project development teams and HR / L&D teams.  He brings practical business acumen and technical knowledge / experience to his team facilitation workshops.

For more details please look at our Customized Team Workshops, Team Development Journeys and Insights Delivery pages.

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