Customized Team Workshops

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We are often approached by clients who have a specific idea about how to improve the performance of their teams.  They understand that we as  experienced / external facilitators can help bring their idea to life through a customized team workshop.  Other clients may not have such a specific idea but choose to work with us, trusting that the right themes for the team will emerge as we work together.

Our focus for customized team workshops is to engage with our clients to deeply understand their context and their needs.  To maximize the impact of the event we design the workshops in close co-operation with the team leader and / or team members.

When facilitating customized team workshops we see the whole team as our client.  In the workshops we ensure a psychologically safe environment where all team members feel comfortable to contribute and be heard in group discussions.  Working in this manner we stay focused on the team / workshop objectives and remain open to emerging themes that can allow the team unlock their collaborative and learning capabilities.

We are certified as Systemic Team Coaching practitioners (Academy of Executive Coaches) and Team Diagnostic Survey practitioners (6 Team Conditions.)  As experienced Team Coaches we are at ease facilitating a wide range of workshop topics that cover team effectiveness, stakeholder expectations & engagement, team tasks / processes, team relationships / dynamics and team learning.

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