Insights Discovery

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Isn’t it fabulous when you just ‘click’ with the people in your team?  You ‘get’ them and create so much positive energy from working together and delivering on the commitments that you make.

But isn’t it so painful when you really don’t ‘click’ with the people in your team?  You really don’t ‘get’ them, your energy is drained when you’re with them and you continually miss on your commitments.

Insight Discovery is a diagnostic tool that helps you ‘get’ other people in your team and as importantly ‘get’ yourself. 

An Insights Discovery profile provides a mirror to understand your own preferred behavioral styles.  In a team setting Insights Discovery provides a framework to understand the behaviors of all other team members.  It enables each team member to understand the others and promotes building effective relationships by valuing the differences and connecting to enhance collaboration.

Imagine the positive energy and output of a team where all members ‘get’ each other! 

We can help with the ‘click’ in your teams!  We are experienced and certified Insights Discovery practitioners.  We deliver standard half day and one day “team effectiveness” workshops based on Insights Discovery. 

Additionally we offer consulting services for the complete process of implementing Insights Discovery as a standard psychometric tool across an organization.   Such a project includes stakeholder engagement and change management, board level proposals /  agreements, managing global program roll out, train the trainer workshops, training design and delivery to all levels of the organization.