Team Development Journeys

If teams are the engines of our organizations and our business reality is that team performance drives business performance, then why does  research show that only 24% of senior teams are high performing?

Take a moment to browse the above images, the ‘Moments of Need’ for teams that we co-developed with Nexi Coaching and Consulting. Do you recognize these ‘Moments of Need’ for your team or for teams in your organization?  How many of the triggers have you recently acknowledged and successfully worked through in terms of performance and learning with your teams?

We help teams to flourish by acknowledging and addressing these ‘Moments of Need’ and coaching teams towards high performance.

We meet teams ‘where they are’.  We engage with them to deeply understand their context to uncover their real opportunities and pain points. We coach teams by mirroring what is holding them back. We create customized and emergent team development journeys that guide teams to ‘where they need to be’.

Below you can see some case studies of Team Development Journeys that we recently designed and delivered for teams working through several different ‘Moments of Need’.

We are certified as Systemic Team Coaching practitioners (Academy of Executive Coaches) and Team Diagnostic Survey practitioners (6 Team Conditions.)  As experienced Team Coaches we are at ease coaching a wide range of workshop topics that cover team effectiveness, stakeholder expectations & engagement, team tasks / processes, team relationships / dynamics and team learning.

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