Elsa Regan

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I believe that work/life satisfaction comes from doing things that are fully aligned to what really matters to yourself and to your organization.  This is why my work is focused on enabling people and organizations to find what really matters to them.  I am deeply curious about people and engage with my clients to fully understand what drives them forward and what may be holding them back.  I create a safe and non-judgmental space with clients (both individuals & teams) as they work to define their meaningful goals and to achieve those goals.

My experience includes senior academic researcher and lecturer in cell biology, patent attorney candidate and research portfolio manager. I provide coaching, facilitation and training consultancy (training design and delivery) in the field of leadership and management development. Based on a strong academic scientific experience combined with corporate R&D experience, I also offer facilitation of scientific strategic work and leadership development within Life Science-oriented organizations (pharma, food, cosmetics industry, research institutes and academia).

Programs and interventions are tailored to the client’s needs and values, to the organization’s culture and business objectives.

If you’d like 2learn more, do not hesitate to contact me at elsa.regan@ici2learn.com