Nick Regan

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I love working with Teams.  They always fascinate me.  I’m amazed by the power that a group of individuals has to pull together to achieve their common goals.  Goals that could never be achieved individually, but through a combination of experience and skills, diverse personalities and collaborative learning, teams can exceed their own and their stakeholders expectations.

More recently, I also started to coach individuals, team leaders and executives on a 1:1 basis.  I am a Co-Active coach and working towards my ICF accredited certificate.  I love the Co-active coaching methodology, which  enables me to build a supportive relationship with each of  my clients and help them to make meaningful personal growth.

In my career I have coached and worked with many teams and my development as an individual coach is now deeply effecting (and strengthening) my work with teams.

I am educated as a Mechanical Engineer and worked in product development teams for 15 years in the global automotive industry.   I managed large teams of engineers working together with teams at our customers and suppliers.  I built a team for a start-up business in the interior design / creative industry.  And since 2008, I changed careers into HRM and led regional and global management teams in the Learning & Development field.

I can look back on some great team successes when we delivered best in class products to the operations teams with glowing customer feedback and implemented strategic L&D projects that enthused the company board to increase L&D spending when budgets were being cancelled in many other areas.

And I’ve also experienced the deep (personal) learning of real team failures, with dissatisfied customers, cancelled projects, financial loss, trust breakdown and interpersonal distress.

Now I coach and work with both teams and individuals / team leaders / executives to help them flourish.  I love it!

Programs and interventions are tailored to the client’s needs and values, to the organization’s culture and business objectives.

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